MORRISVILLE, PA – The Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission announced today that it is conducting a precautionary inspection of the Scudder Falls (I-95) Bridge. The inspection of the bridge’s pin-hanger support system is one of the proactive steps taken by the Commission in the wake of the Interstate 35W freeway bridge collapse in Minneapolis on August 1.

The Commission is also in the midst of inspecting each of its seven toll bridges and has ordered its General Engineering Consultant to conduct an inspection of the Scudder Falls Bridge as well.

In addition to conducting regular engineering inspections of each of its twenty bridges every two years, Commission personnel also conduct visual assessments of the bridges once a shift, or every eight hours. Additional inspections are conducted following significant incidents, such as flooding or major accidents.

The Commission also noted that it is in the midst of a comprehensive capital improvement program that will see the rehabilitation of each of its twenty bridges by the year 2015. The capital improvement program, launched in 2001, represented a significant shift in focus for the Commission. The Commission now operates under a “fix it right” strategy rather than the “fix what is broken” approach of the 1990s.

Under that program, six of the Commission’s bridges have been rehabilitated, with a seventh to be completed this month. The Route 1 Toll Bridge is under construction and the I-78, New Jersey Roadway Reconstruction contract was awarded on July 3, 2007. In addition, the Milford Montague Toll Bridge Rehabilitation is currently out to bid. Bridge rehabilitation projects completed by the Commission or scheduled to be completed within the next two years include:

New Hope – Lambertville Toll Supported Bridge $7M
Uhlerstown-Frenchtown Toll Supported Bridge $6M
Northampton Street Bridge Toll Supported Bridge $7M
Centre Bridge-Stockton Toll Supported Bridge $9M
Riverton-Belvidere Toll Supported Bridge $8M
New Hope-Lambertville Toll Supported Bridge $7M
Lower Trenton Toll Supported Bridge $4M
PC Pedestrian Bridge $1M
Route 1 Toll Bridge (Under Construction) $104M
I-78, NJ Roadway Reconstruction (awarded 7/30) $47M
Milford Montague Toll Bridge (out to bid) $20M

Total $220M


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