Level III Traffic Study

The Commission in October 2013 procured a Level 3 – Investment Grade Traffic and Revenue Forecast for its seven existing toll bridges and the envisioned Scudder Falls Replacement Bridge, which will be operated as a tolled crossing using all-electronic tolling technology (no toll booths). Fully completed in summer 2014, this study provided updated traffic and revenue projections to help guide Commission financial and project-authorization decisions. It also updated and expanded prior traffic analyses for the Scudder Falls Replacement Bridge. Investment-grade studies are considered a third-level of effort and complexity for determining whether a public transportation entity or specific facility has the requisite traffic revenue potential to attract and secure financing in the nation’s bond markets. The studies ultimately enable bond rating agencies to rank the credit worthiness of a project or government agency.

Technical Memo No. 28 – Final Point of Access Study

The document explains the project’s transportation objectives and identifies how the project will meet or exceed the eight access requirements identified by PennDOT guidance and consistent with the Federal Highway Administration’s Policy on Interstate access.

Scudder Falls Bridge Traffic Diversion Study – Revised Final Report

The document explains the findings of research conducted in 2010 and 2011 to determine the amount of traffic that will divert to other roadways and bridge crossings once tolls are implemented on the Scudder Falls Replacement Bridge. Among other things, the study indicates that toll-related traffic diversions will result in minimal impacts to other roadways and bridge crossings within the regional transportation network.