The Scudder Falls Bridge Replacement Project is being staged in a manner that will minimize impacts to traffic, local business and communities. In part to avoid traffic impacts, trestle causeways are being built into the river to enable work crews to access and build the new bridge from both shorelines.

See below for the list of major construction tasks that are underway. Check back regularly as construction schedules are subject to change.

Construction Update - Week of June 29

Major project work activities for the week of June 29 include:

  • I-295: Grade subgrade and place subbase within closed portions of I-295 in PA.
  • PA Approach:  At the canal bridge,  wet cure first deck pour and complete/cure second pour. Install deck formwork, shear studs and rebar at the Taylorsville Road bridge. 
  • At PA side of pedestrian bridge, place curbs and light posts. 
  • Main River Bridge: Form/rebar at abutment 1 and place concrete for abutment footing, beams seat and backwall.At Pier 1, complete drilled shafts and begin formwork for footing. Cure and strip forms for pier footings at pier 2. Set up and begin drilled shafts at Pier 3 and complete stain on Pier 5. Begin removing trestles on both NJ and PA sides. Continue installation of structural steel beams between pier 5 and 6.
  • NJ approach – Continue utility, highway lighting conduit and junction box installation at various locations.  Along Route 29 SB, continue soldier pile/drilled shaft installation for the NJ pedestrian walkway. Continue drilled shaft and lagging installation for ramp walls. Continue work for backwall construction at abutments 1 and 2. Complete pier cap at pier 1.
  • See related Route 29 North lane diversion, as well as closure of Rt. 175, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. 

Construction Schedule

Milestone/Activity Date/Status
Project Construction Start Spring 2017
Install temporary trestle upstream of the existing bridge Completed/fully removed
Construct upstream span of the new bridge Completed
Widening (to the inside) of the PA I-295 approach – from Exit 8 (old exit 49) to the bridge Upstream half completed/second phase now in progress
First span of new bridge open to traffic Opened overnight July 9, 2019
Start All-Electronic Tolling (PA-bound only) July 14, 2019
Second span of new bridge open to traffic Late 2021
Estimated Project Completion Early 2022