The closure of the NJ Route 29 northbound bypass of the I-295/Route 29 interchange (Exit 76, on the New Jersey side of the Scudder Falls Toll Bridge) has been extended an additional week due to this week’s rainy weather.  The northbound roadway now is expected to reopen by noon on Wednesday, Feb. 26.    

Affected motorists should continue to follow the diversion route through portions of the interchange’s new system of ramps and roundabouts for reconnection with Route 29 NB for travel toward Washington Crossing and Lambertville.  (CLICK HERE TO VIEW DETOUR MAP)

Shortly after the reopening of the Route 29 NB bypass, the Route 29 SB bypass is expected to close with a corresponding shift of traffic through the adjoining interchanges ramps and roundabouts for travel toward Trenton and other points south.

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